Friday, October 19, 2012

Around the League

Eck Rooted for Rodney

A's great Dennis Eckersley told the Tampa Bay Times' Marc Topkin that he was rooting for Fernando Rodney of the Rays to beat his ERA reliever record of 0.61 Rodney did so with a 0.60. From the piece:

In his 1990 season, Eckersley allowed five earned runs in 73 1/3 over 63 games and converted 48 saves in 50 chances; Rodney allowed five in 74 2/3 over 76 games and converted 48 saves in 50 chances. 

"That is a great year," Eckersley said (presumably referring to Rodney's 2012 season). "What it is is being good and a little lucky, which you have to be. And that makes for magic."

Nolan Ryan's Thoughts on the Astros in the AL

This is from a piece by Chip Bailey in the Houston Chronicle:

“It’s going to be different,” he said. “I grew up with the Astros. The Astros, in my opinion, are a National League ballclub — that’s the way I’ll always view them. But from our perspective with the Rangers, to put somebody else in our time zone, it’ll help us with some travel and also on our audience. … When both teams are fighting for a Western Division title, it’ll stimulate a lot of baseball interest in the state.”

White Sox Cutting Prices

It is rare to see a team that sports a big improvement in wins turn around and reduce ticket prices, but that is just what the White Sox are doing. Per Marc Gonzalez in the Chicago Tribune:

More than 87 percent of all full season-ticket prices for the 2013 season will either drop or stay the same. More than 54 percent of the full season tickets will decrease in price by an average of 26 percent. 

The cost of parking will drop to $20, a decrease ranging from $3-$5. 

''This was the first step of many things we need to do,'' said Brooks Boyer, the Sox's senior vice president of sales and marketing, noting that the economic climate over the past four to five years has changed people's habits.

As we referenced in an earlier post, the New York Times recently had a good piece chronicling Chicago's baseball scene and how the Cubs -- despite crushing ineptitude in the standings -- easily outdrew the South Side Sox.

A's 2013 Season Tickets

The A's have yet to announce ticket prices for 2013. However, they are running a contest for those that are due refunds for postseason tickets for the LCS and World Series that will not occur. If they roll over the money they fronted they are eligible to win prizes like autographed bobbleheads and bats. Before you jump in, consider that the total number of prizes to be awarded is 24.

The Greatest Fake-Out Ever

Today is the 40th anniversary of Rollie Fingers striking out Johnny Bench of the Reds in game three of the 1972 World Series after giving all indications that Bench was going to be intentionally walked. The Hardball Times recaps what happened.

NPR's WBUR-FM Weighs in on the Bay Area A's-Giants Culture Clash

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